Psychology and Counselling Services for UiTM staff was previously conducted by Bahagian Perkhidmatan Psikologi, Pejabat Pendaftar, UiTM Shah Alam  from 2003 to January 2016. It is later being transfered to UiTM Cawangan Selangor, Kampus Puncak Alam starting from 15 January 2016 under Unit Kerjaya & Kaunseling till May 2019. The meeting of Majlis Eksekutif Universiti (MEU), Bil. 10/2019 on May 8th, 2019 has approved the proposal to transfer counselling services for staff from UiTM Cawangan Selangor Kampus Puncak Alam to Career & Counselling Centre, UiTM Shah Alam and further expand the scope of services for Career & Counselling Centre, UiTM Shah Alam and all UiTM Campuses.

Staff Counselling & Psychology Unit  provides Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) staff with counselling and psychological services. The aim of the Psychology Unit is to assist UiTM staff achieve psychological well-being, improve interpersonal skills and encourage positive self-change thus contribute to the improvement of performance and productivity. The main services provided are counseling sessions, administration of psychological tests, training programmes, outreach programmes and also assisting in the implementation of Exit Policy in UiTM.

  1. Counseling Sessions (Volunteer/Referred)

Individual counseling services for voluntary and referred UiTM staffs.

  1. Consultation

Provide guidance and consultation services to the client to provide clients with the necessary information, guidance and skills.

  1. Support Groups

The 'Support Group Project' provides support and encouragement to increase staff’s awareness of psychological well-being and work performance in targeted small group.

  1. Administration of Psychological Testing

Administration and interpretation of various types of psychological testing tools.

  1. Rakan Pembimbing Perkhidmatan Awam (AKRAB) (BUKU GARIS PANDUAN PELAKSANAAN AKRAB 1.0 2023 )

A programme designed to train qualified support system among colleagues.

  1. Outreach Program

Through Santai Pagi Bersama Kaunselor (SPARK) programme to the staff at their respective department, the counsellors reach out to the staff and provide information on psychological well-being.

  1. Exit Policy Screening and Observation Programme

Assist UiTM in implementing Exit Policy Screening and Observation Program.

  1. Counseling Psychology Specialist Services

Is a guidance/talk programmes conducted in mass group to increase staff’s awareness and knowledge on psychological well-being. (Psychological Wellness & Intervention Programme)

  1. Counsellor Professionalism Enhancement Program / Case Conference / Knowledge Sharing Program

Training programs for psychology officers to enhance their competency in providing the best services to the university.

  1. Counsellor Best Practice Programme

A visit to other organizations which provide psychological counseling services to learn best practices in their organizations.

  1. Writing and Publication of Psychological Materials

Writing and Publication of psychology/counselling information and activities carried out with UiTM staff.


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