Career & Counselling Centre of UiTM offers career services for UiTM students under its Student Career Development Unit. Among the services provided are career counselling, career guidance, career development programmes as well as career placement initiatives to increase UiTM graduate employability and marketability in the job market, locally and globally. We have been keeping our career services in line with the current trends and industries’ need to ensure we remain relevant not only to the industry but most importantly to UiTM students and graduates. The unit has been accorded with several recognitions namely the Most Resourceful Career Centre (Public University) Award 2015, finalist of Best Career Development Centre (Public University) Award 2017 and Career Centre of The Year (Public University) Award 2019, all by GradMalaysia Graduate Recruitment Awards. We have also been recognised as the Digital Career Centre by MDEC and the Ministry of Education since 2017.

  1. Career & Industrial Related Expo (CaIREX)
This programme provide a great platform for the employers and UiTM students/graduates to network, build professional rapport and discuss potential job and internship opportunities. Other than the branding purposes, it also creates career literacy among the UiTM students.
  1. Career Attack
A job interview programme where employers and potential employees get to meet for job and internship opportunities. Other than walk-in interview activity, career clinic, talk and company counter are also available during the programme.
  1. Career Focused Learning Education & Experience (FLEX)
Career FLEX for short, it is a career talk program aimed to garner career awareness among UiTM students. The inputs are very much industry related and delivered by the industry players themselves. It is a great platform where the students and the employers get to meet, interact with and to exchange knowledge and expertise.
  1. Career Latte
Previously known as career clinic, it is a small group programme aimed to assist and guide UITM students in preparing themselves in job search process. The students can join the program as advertised or as per requested with the topics related to career matters such as Video Resume, Resume Writing and Tips for Job Interview. The inputs are given by our trained counsellor and expert in the topic.
  1. XPDCareer & Career Outreach
With ‘Learn As You Play’ motto, it is an educative programme carried out in fun way as students acquire knowledge while they are engaging with the activities. Other than creating career awareness among the students, it also promotes the services and programmes held and offered by Career & Counselling Centre.
  1. Career Meetup
This activity enable the Counsellors and the Faculty members to meet and discuss with the employers and industry players. The purpose is to build network, exchange career related information and to initiate collaboration programme. The discussion is usually held either in our office or at the company.
  1. Company In2 Campus
An activity held on campus in collaboration with the company and the targeted faculty with the aim to create brand awareness and career literacy among UiTM students. Several activities are carried out such as company open day, exhibition booth, interview and screening, career talk and workshop.
  1. Jobshop System
Jobshop system is developed to provide career services online. The activities varies from job vacancy advertisement, recruitment and interview process, career programme publicity and many more. All companies and UiTM students are welcome to register as a member at
  1. Job Vacancy Advertisement & Career Programme Promotion
Job vacancies or career related programme can be advertised at our official website and social media on request basis. Employers can email us with the information favorably in image format (JPEG/PNG) and promo items such as text, caption and poster.
  1. Career Profile & Career Test
We provide free administration and interpretation for career profile and tests to help the students understand themselves better in terms of their interest, skills and passion. The administration of the test is conducted either in mass, small group or individual basis. Students are advised to make an appointment for this test session which will be guided by certified counsellors.
  1. Career Guidance & Information Material
The Career Unit prepares and publishes career information and tips to increase students' awareness on career related matters and to keep them updated with current issues. Among the materials are career articles, career bulletin, short career videos, book, pamphlets, posters and buntings. Most of these materials can be viewed at our official website, social media and youtube. The Career Unit is also responsible to develop and to refine the Career Development Module which has been used in the UiTM Finishing School Programme held under the UiTM Institute of Student Leadership.
  1. Job Placement Data
We are trying our very best to gather and keep record of our graduates work placement information. We humbly invite and welcome the company and our graduates to provide feedback on this crucial information.

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